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Tiny Tigers (ages 3–5)

Discovering Your Champion Spirit

Physical, Mental, Emotional Development for young children. Mrs. Sharma developed a specific curriculum to help preschool children learn the fundamentals of training with an “I Can Do It” attitude and achieving one’s best in the martial arts at an early age. Tiny Tigers focus on developing coordination, balance, flexibility, listening skills and following directions while building confidence, self‐control and discipline through practicing martial art techniques in a fun and encouraging environment.


Kids TaeKwonDo (ages 6–12)

Developing Your Champion Spirit

Classes for children ages 6 and older build a strong foundation in taekwondo that will provide longterm benefits in a fun and educational environment. The unique Taekwondo curriculum focuses on:

• training preparation – conditioning, stretching, balance, strength, stamina

• skill development – kicking, punching, blocking, forms, olympic sparring

• life skills reinforcing – focus, discipline, self‐control, respect, confidence

Students learn how to set personal goals, work hard, and try their best to achieve those goals both on and off the mat.


Young Adults & Adults TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo (ages 12 and up)

Enhancing Your Champion Spirit

An extensive martial arts program tailored to young adults ages 12–17 and adults 18 and older. No previous training experience is required as our instructors excel at working with all students of various ages, skill levels and abilities. The young adult/adult class integrates all belt & experience levels into a fun and practical class that teaches taekwondo striking, forms, olympic sparring, as well as hapkido self‐defense, takedowns and submissions. Classes incorporate conditioning, flexibility and strength training for overall health and wellness. A great way to build confidence, reduce stress, gain self‐control and greater focus in a positive training environment where everyone can excel and reach their training goals.


Olympic Taekwondo Sport Team

Honing Your Champion Spirit

Team Power Sport Taekwondo is geared for intermediate and advanced students who want additional sport training and to experience Olympic style taekwondo sparring and forms competition. Sport training is above and beyond the kids taekwondo program. Members are invited to join our elite level tournament team which focuses on improving tournament forms and contact sparring techniques through concentrated drills, exercises, and strategies to help students set and achieve goals for excellence on and off the training mat. Students have opportunities to compete in local, state and national level tournaments. Our athletes gain elite competition experience, increased self‐confidence, discipline, and determination to further define and and develop the champion’s spirit.

Interested in competition? Contact us to learn how to join our Sport Team.


Demonstration Team & Black Belt Club

Honing Your Champion Spirit

Team Power members are eligible to join our martial arts demonstration team where students develop and realize their personal power through training traditional taekwondo and hapkido with an emphasis on the “art” in martial arts. The unique demo team incorporates various skill levels/abilities to provide opportunities for all Team Power members to demonstrate fun and entertaining techniques for friends, family and the community. The Black Belt Demo Team specializes in advanced kicking techniques, forms, weapons, tumbling/gymnastics, grappling, self‐defense, and breaking techniques. All students continue to develop their skills and build self‐confidence by mastering more difficult techniques, demonstrating in front of a live audience, and gaining experience with public performances.


Grappling Team

Honing Your Champion Spirit

Grappling incorporates a strong foundation of freestyle and Greco‐Roman wrestling with judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and pankration to help our students gain confidence and build core skills on their feet and on the ground. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome. Students learn at their own pace and build their skill set along with conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Skilled coaches facilitate a safe training environment, teaching practical techniques. Students learn to set and achieve goals for their personal development, push their training to the next level and master practical techniques for self‐defense, competition and demonstration. All students are eligible and encouraged to try out for grappling.


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